Example of Memory System at Work

I need to memorize the following numbers

035 123 188

182 090 210

(they happen to be Hue-Sat-Val triples for some colors I need, but their meaning is not important).

For the first triple, I come up with “smiling denim-clad TV-fan.” This is a mental picture easy to remember. Later, I will tell you exactly how to get back and forth amongst the numbers and the words, but the key is consonant sounds for digits. For now, just focus on memorizing the mental picture and don’t worry about the numbers and the words. Smiling, denim-clad TV-fan, … Picture a huge couch-potato of an oaf in denim overalls grinning and watching Star-Trek reruns on TV. That’ll stick.

For the second triple, I come up with “Tiffany Space Notes.” Picture an astronaut writing notes on Tiffany-blue notepaper. Easy.

Tomorrow, when I need these numbers at the office, I won’t have to worry about where I might or might not have written them down. I’ll picture the smiling denim-clad TV-fan and the Tiffany Space Notes and I will immediately recall 035 123 188 and 182 090 210. If I need to forget them after that, it’s easy.


~ by rebcabin on November 21, 2010.

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