The First Major Peg: “Tea”

If you follow along with this and the next 9 installments, you’ll be equipped to effortlessly remember lists of ten arbitrary items in any order for as long as you want without writing them down. In these installments you’ll get the first ten Major Pegs: these are associations of

mental pictures, easy to remember – the first one is a GIANT TEA CUP with a door in the side and a seat all around the inside, like the ones in the famous Disneyland ride. You can get in and sit down and spin around. This picture is a little odd, but that oddness helps memory.

numbers – the first one is the number 1.

consonant sounds – the first collection of consonant sounds is the related cluster of T, D, and TH. You use these when constructing minor pegs, which are more temporary mental pictures, and when constructing multi-digit pegs, which form the second and third layers of the whole system. More about minor pegs and multi-digit pegs later.

The Major Pegs are PERMANENT. Henceforth and forever, whenever you encounter the number 1, you will mentally picture the giant Disneyland teacup and think of the word TEA. If you need a little more to lock this in, remember that the numeral 1 resembles the letter t.

Since you only have one major peg, so far, you can only memorize lists with one item, but even that will help! Suppose you need to remember to buy vitamins at the store. That’s item #1 on your list, so at the time you need to think of it, picture your TEA CUP filled to overflowing with vitamin pills. Spend just a second or two with your eyes closed developing this silly picture (silly is good for memory!) in your mind. Make it more vivid by having the tea-cup spin around and fling the pills off the top all over the place.

When you get to the store at the end of your long, mentally exhausting work day, instead of saying to yourself “blast it, I knew I was supposed to buy something , but what the heck was it?” You will instead say to yourself “what was #1 on my list? – what was in the teacup? –” Boom! Effortlessly you will remember.

Even though you have just one peg trick, now, you’re already more powerful.


~ by rebcabin on November 22, 2010.

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