Fifth Peg: “Law”

Picture a traffic cop holding up his gloved hand telling YOU to stop and blowing his whistle at YOU (Personal, Emotive [embarrassment]). There are FIVE fingers in his hand, he represents the LAW, and, with the four fingers jutting up and the thumb sticking sideways to the right, his hand resembles the letter ‘L.’ That’s our three-way association for the number five: Henceforth and forever, when encountering the number five, you will instantly picture a traffic cop representing the Law, and think of the consonant sound L.

Now, your grocery list includes ‘bell peppers.’ Picture a sequence of them, dark green, yellow, orange, and red, jammed in between the fingers of the cop’s hand. That’s it, you’re done with five. You won’t have any trouble remembering the fifth item on your shopping list. I’m also sure that you have no trouble remembering the previous four items, and, if you’re not a little amazed that you can effortlessly remember this shopping list after we started it almost a week ago, then I don’t know what to do with you.

Let’s do the numbers game (Allan Krill calls these ‘Phantasmagorishes,’ but more about Allan later). I’ll take a die (or go to Random.Org) and roll it a few times, ignoring the number six, to generate the string

2344512315 and pretend it’s the phone number (234) 451-2315

Pair it up (I find this easiest) to make

23 45 51 23 15

and start looking for mental-picture words. I always start with my permanent pegs from the second-layer system for these pairs

NaMe (picture a business card)

RaiL (picture the brass rail at a nice bar)

Lot (picture a dusty vacant lot with a real-estate for-sale sign)

NaMe (again)

TaiL (picture a big tiger with a long, orange-and-black striped tail)

Nothing coming up easily, so let’s play around looking for other mental pictures

GnoMe RaiL – picture a tiny gnome in a high bar stool, who can’t reach the brass rail with his dangling feet,

LiT GnoMe – right next to him is another gnome with a giant LiT cigar, and the big clouds of smoke are beginning to annoy the tiger sitting next to him, and the tiger begins to thrash his TaiL in anger.

There we go – Gn2oM3e R4aiL5 L5iT1 Gn2oM3e T1aiL5

absurd, emotive, colorful, exaggerated, easy to remember.


~ by rebcabin on November 28, 2010.

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