Sixth Peg: “Jaw”

Picture a huge man with an enormous, undershot jaw, and clenched in his ragged teeth is the object-to-be-memorized. If you’ve ever seen the classic TV show “The Addams Family” and remember Lurch, the butler, or if you’ve seen an appropriate version of the Frankenstein monster, then you have a ready-made mental image.

Now, for your shopping list, visualize a bouquet of flowers clenched in his teeth, and take a moment to refresh the list in your memory:

spinning teacup flinging vitamin pills all over the place

animals going up into Noah’s ark two-by-two laden with coffee cans

‘me’ in my tuxedo looking in the mirror pulling celery from my teeth

a bright green laser ray emerging from the end of a green onion

a traffic cop holding up his hand with bell peppers in several colors jammed between his fingers

Lurch with a bouquet of flowers clenched in his teeth in his huge jaw

The consonant sounds that go with the number 6 is a cluster of related sounds: Ch, Sh, J, Zh (as in garaGe) – the hissing sounds you make with your teeth clenched. These sounds can be spelled in a large number of ways, but remember that spelling never matters in the memory game, only sounds. Here are some words we can make with the consonant sounds we know so far, including 6

16 – dish, tissue, ditch, dodge, attache’ (as in attache’ case)

26 – niche, winch, wench, nudge, haunch, hinge, inch

36 – mesh, mash, mush, match, image

46 – rash, arch, Rajah, ridge, roach, wretch

56 – lash, latch, leash, leech, liege, lodge, loge, lush

66 – judge, choo-choo

61 – chat, chit, cheetah, chute, jade, jet, judo, shade, shadow, sheet, shout

62 – chain, gin, ocean

63 – chime, chamois, gem, gym, jam

64 – chair, cherry, hosiery, jar, jury, sherry, shore, shower, usher, wager, washer

65 – jail, chili, jelly, jewel, jowl, shawl, shell, shill, shoal


~ by rebcabin on November 29, 2010.

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