Eighth Peg = “Fee”

Picture yourself sliding a box overflowing with money across the table to a carrot farmer, who slides a box full of carrots over to you, and you are highly irritated at paying his outrageous fee. There you go, the eighth item on the shopping list: carrots, and your permanent peg word for 8: fee.

Adorn the mental picture with some absurdity – the rich farmer is smoking a carrot instead of a cigar and is wearing a top hat along with his denim overalls. I often picture paying a FEE to the millionaire cartoon character in his top hat, spats, and tails, from the game “Monopoly” when thinking of the number eight.

The consonant cluster going with eight is F and V. Remember that this sound can also be spelled Ph as in phone and Gh as in laugh. Let’s construct a few sample words. By the way, Allan Krill calls the numbers associated to words ‘Pseudonumerals’. Every word has an associated pseudonumeral constructed from its consonant sounds, and every number has a bunch of sonically related words.

8 – ave (as in “Ave Maria”), foe, hive, hoof, ivy, oaf, via (a “street”), waif, wave, wife

18 – taffee, toffee, dove, dive, diva, thief, tough, TV

28 – Navy, knave, knife, nova, nephew

38 – movie, muff, Mafia

48 – reef, riff, roof, ruff, wharf

58 – elf, leaf, lava, laugh, levee, loaf, olive, wolf

68 – chef, Chevy, chief, Java, Jehova, jiffy, sheaf

78 – cuff, cough, café, calf, coffee, cove, goof, guava, quaff

88 – fief, fife, five (that’s interesting, the word for the numeral ‘5’ has pseudonumeral ‘88’)

81 – fat, aphid, fad, feed, feud, fiat, fight, food, foot, photo, voodoo, veto

82 – avenue, fan, fawn, fen, fin, heaven, oven, phone, vein, van, vine

83 – fame, foam, fume

84 – aviary, fairway, fare, fairy, ferry, fir, fire, fry, fur, four (there we go again: the word for ‘4’ has pseudonumeral ‘84’)

85 – fall, fill, flee, fly, flow, foal, fool, fowl, fuel, hovel, phial, veil, valley, viola, volley, vowel, waffle

86 – fish, effigy, fudge, fuscia, voyage

87 – fang, fig, fog, havoc


~ by rebcabin on December 1, 2010.

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