Ninth Peg = “Pea”

Only two more pegs to memorize and we will have completed the entire first layer of the system. From there, we’ll go on to the second layer and to other adventures in memory such as how to memorize a pack of cards in order and quickly, how to compute the day of the week for any date, and how to memorize prose verbatim – material without rhyme and meter.

Picture the princess of the fairy tale and her bed of NINE matresses, tossing and turning because there is a PEA under the bottom matress. Because we need to memorize FISH, the ninth item on our shopping list, picture the princess’s pillow is a giant, slimy, stinky fish – and she’s fretting about a pea?

Another way to lock in this peg is to notice that the numeral 9 resembles the letter P backwards.

The consonant cluster for making up combinations and secondary mental picture words going with 9 is P and B. Here are some secondary picture words:

9 – abbey, ape, bee, boa, bough, bow, boy, buoy, epee, heap, hippy, hobby, hobo, oboe, paw, pew, whip

19 – tap, depot, dope, doughboy, tabby, tepee, toupee, tuba, tube

29 – nap, knob, nape, neap, nib, nub, unhappy

39 – map, amoeba, amp, hemp, hump, imp, map, mop, mob, ump, myope

49 – rope, rap, harp, herb, orb, rabbi, wrap, reap, rib, robe, ruby, warp, Arabia, Europe

59 – lap, lab, lobby, elbow, leap, lip, lobe, loop, lowboy (a kind of chair), whelp

91 – bat, beet, bait, bath, bed, bight, boat, body, booth, buddy, pad, path, peat, pet, poet, pot, putty

92 – bean, bone, bun, bunny, pan, pane, pawn, penny, piano, pine, pony

93 – beam (don’t confuse with ‘ray’), balm, Bohemia, bomb, bum, opium, palm, puma, poem

94 – bar, bear, beer, berry, beer, bier, boar, borough, brew, bureau, bury, Hebrew, hopper, opera, pear, pier, prey, prow, pyre

95 – ball, apple, bale, bell, belly, bile, bowl, bull, eyeball, hibhball, opal, pail, pillow, play, plough, pole, pulley

96 – badge, batch, beach, beech, budgie, bush, hibachi, pasha, peach, pouch

97 – back, bag, beak, bog, book, bouquet, buck, bug, pack, peak, peg, pick, pig, puck

98 – beef, beehive, buffet, puff,

99 – baby, bib, bobby (British cop), papa, pipe, pope, poppy, puppy 


~ by rebcabin on December 2, 2010.

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