The Tens of 2nd Layer

We’ll learn the pegs of the second layer in batches of ten. Remember that the pegs are the PERMANENT mental picture words built from PAIRS of digits / consonant sounds. They’re the ones that occur EARLIEST in order amongst all the possibilities from the consonants, avoiding H, W, Y, and Wh and picking short vowels over long ones when possible, so they’re relatively easy to reconstruct if one happens to slip your mind. This is my personal list: build your own from words that are easiest to remember. And remember to lock these in permanently. Continue to use other picture words from the same consonants for remembering sequences of digits via ‘phantasmagorias,’ but use these pegs for remembering lists and for jump-starting phantasmagorias.

10 Toes I picture a woman painting her toenails in multiple different colors
11 Tot I picture Alice of Wonderland
12 Tan I picture a woman tanning herself in a beach chair, holding a silverish tray to reflect sunlight under her chin, on which goes the object-to-be-recalled
13 Tam I picture a Tam-O-Shanter – tartan cap with a pom-pom – on the head of a Scottish warrior in full kilts. If this isn’t a good picture for you, try “dame,” “dome,” “tome,” or “dime”
14 Tar I picture a sizzling-hot, never-ending bit of deserted highway in the middle of the Nevada desert
15 Tail I picture the orange-and-black striped tail of a gigantic tiger interacting with the object-to-be-recalled
16 Tissue I picture someone wiping tears from her eyes (strong emotion). If this is difficult for you, try “dish,” “dosh,” or “tush”
17 Tack I picture a giant map-pin holding up the object-to-be-recalled on a corkboard. If this is difficult for you, try “teak,” “deck,” or “dock.” Avoid “tyke” if you chose “tot” for 11
18 Taffy I picture multicolored salt-water taffy candy on its stretching machine, or a huge lump of taffy candy in an odd place near the object-to-be-recalled. If this is difficult for you, try “dive” or “dove”
19 Tap I picture a beer tap dispensing my favorite India Pale Ale into the object-to-be-recalled, or spilling it, making a mess

When using the first layer only, to remember a list of no more than ten items, we used ‘saw’ for ‘zero,’ which stood in for 10. Now that we have a proper picture word for the number 10 itself, I recommend using ‘toes’ for 10 from here on and reserve ‘saw’ for the numeral ‘zero’ in the relatively rare cases where it stands alone.


~ by rebcabin on December 6, 2010.

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