The 30’s, and an Exercise

After this next batch of permanent pegs, you will be able to memorize lists of length around 40. Here’s an application for you. If you play a sport such as golf where there is a sequence of choices, like which club to pick, based on fixed circumstances, such as the course, then use your list of pegs to memorize it. Memorize the length of each hole in yards, its par shot count, whether it bends right or left, and the usual choice of club for each shot in a par run. I did this with long race courses like the silver-state classic, a legal high-speed run down Nevada highway 138. The course has 36 corners, and I used the peg system to memorize the radius of each corner, the road mile-marker where it started, its theoretical top speed, whether it went right or left, and any other features necessary to drive the course safely. When driving at 165 miles per hour, there is no possibility of looking at notes or a course map – one simply MUST memorize it so that the entry speed to each corner is, first, safe and, second, as fast as possible.

40 pegs is also enough to memorize the order of 39 playing cards chosen from a standard pack, extending the 13-card memorization stunt we learned with the diamonds when studying the pegs for the tens. If you can memorize 39 cards, then you can do the following trick: have someone deal out a standard, 13-card bridge hand, face-down. Then, have that person show you the remaining 39 cards, one at a time, face up. Not only will you be able to repeat the entire 39-card pack in order (or in any order!), but you will be able to read out the remaining 13 card hand that you never saw. When I am in practice, I can do this in 2 minutes. When I am out of practice, it takes me about 5 minutes. The pros do it in under 1 minute. The world record is 20 seconds!

Bruno Furst taught this card trick using the pegs through the 30’s. However, for cards, I prefer to use the pegs from the 10’s, the 40’s, the 70’s, and the 90’s. When we get to the 40’s, I’ll explain why. We already can memorize the diamonds using the 10’s. 11 = tot = Diamond Ace – the first 1 for “D”iamond, the second one denoting the Ace, etc.. Eran Katz’s system for this famous trick is similar to mine (apparently we independently invented the same way of mapping the suits to the tens digits), except I use 3-digit numbers for the face cards and he does not.

Here is my list of the 30’s – memorize it, use all your senses to associate vivid mental imagery with the pegs. Change any ones that don’t work for you, but make sure that you lock in your pegs forever, so they become an automatic part of your perception of numbers themselves.

Num Sounds Peg Description Others
30 MS Mass High Mass; Cathedral; incense; stained-glass windows; pews & hymnals moss
31 MT mat rough burlap “welcome” mat; mud & grass; shoes and boots mud
32 MN man Superman; Clark Kent; changing clothes in the phone booth; flying mine
33 MM mama Mama in the kitchen; apron; stove; apple pie; warmth and aroma mime
34 MR mare racehorse; chestnut brown with white blaze on the nose; whinnying, galloping moor
35 ML mail mailbox overflowing with junk mail; paper and ink smell mall
36 MJ match wooden match; sound of striking; smell sulphur; feel the heat midge
37 MK mike microphone; electric shock; cable tangle; feedback squeal macaw
38 MF muff 19th century lady dressed for winter with hands in muff; Hello Dolly movie
39 MP map big paper map loose in the car; wind is catching it; impossible to re-fold mob

~ by rebcabin on December 21, 2010.

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