The 40’s & Hearts

Back with the 10’s we learned pegs to memorize a shuffling of the diamond suit, in any order. This time, we’ll learn pegs for the 40’s and for the hearts suit. The reason to associate hearts with the 40’s is that the first important consonant in ‘hearts’ is ‘r,’ a digit 4, which we promote to the number 40 for the application of memorizing cards. Here are my permanent pegs for the 40’s. As always, feel free to tailor this set to your own memory style

Num Sound Peg Description Others
40 RS race A NASCAR race; colorful cars going around; oil, gasoline, smoke, loud engines rose
41 RT rat huge, greasy rat scurrying through garbage in an alley; garbage smell, long teeth road
42 RN rain driving rainstorm; soaked clothes; dark street trying to hail a taxi; no visibility huron
43 RM ram giant ram with huge, curled horns; it’s saddled and you’re riding it; leather & wool arm
44 RR rear distinctive rear end of Corvette automobile; driving it with the top down rare
45 RL rail brass rail at a wood-paneled bar; can’t reach it with your feet; beer and darts whorl
46 RJ rash painful, red rash on your forearm ridge
47 RK rack rack of antlers on caribou head mounted over the fireplace wreck
48 RF reef coral reef; brightly colored tropical fish; SCUBA diving gear; rubber, seawater roof
49 RP rope heavy burlap or hemp rope in a coil or attached to the thing-to-remember rib

Those pegs cover the playing cards Heart Ace (41) through Heart Ten (40). We need three more for the face cards

Heart Jack: 411, rat-a-tat-tat; picture a machine gun; you’re carrying it and shooting it at things

Heart Queen: 412, rattan; picture white wicker furniture

Heart King: 413, radium; picture the item-to-remember pulsing with the (imaginary) green glow of radioactive radium.

Pick the diamonds and the hearts out of a pack of cards, shuffle them, and prepare to memorize the order. Take your time: don’t rush it. Go for accuracy. The speed will come naturally with practice. Here’s an example of a run I did just now, building this story in my mind in real time. If you follow along and build the miniature movie in your mind, you will no trouble recalling the order of the cards. Take special effort to chain the pegs one to another (yes, this is a combined application of chain-memory and peg-memory):

(D2) I’m outside in the hot sun getting a tan, but I’m really burning and it hurts

(H5) There’s a tropical drink station on the beach and there is a very prominent brass rail where I want to rest my feet while I order a cool drink, but I can’t quite reach it with my feet

(HQ) I sit in a stool made of white rattan; hear the distinctive creaking sound as you sit and try to reach the rail with your feet

(H3) Sitting next to me is a guy holding on to the reins of his riding ram and the ram is chewing the rattan (this is an important connection as it’s easy to forget the rattan without making the ram do something with it)

(H10) he pulls out of his pocket a scale model of a NASCAR race track and places it on the counter, and the cars start going around

(DA) Alice from Wonderland (a tot) walks up to take a look at the model race track

(DK) she puts a pint-sized totem pole right in the middle of the oval racetrack

(HJ) one of the effigies in the totem has a machine gun in its hand and starts shooting at the cars (rat-a-tat-tat)

(H4) many of the cars are Corvettes with their distinctive rear ends (four circular red lights, 2-by-2). The bullets are shooting out the red lights

(DJ) a teetotaler comes up to us at the tropical bar and lectures on the violent side-effects of drinking alcohol, using the machine-gunning totem as evidence

(H7) he points to a rack of antlers mounted on the wall of the tropical bar as further evidence: the hunter must have been drinking to go after such a huge caribou

(D9) we all laugh and him and order the bartender to pull us more beers from the tap

(H8) some divers out in the reef hear the sound of the enormous beer tap pouring beer and pop their heads out of the waves and shout at us to pour some for them, too

(D3) we notice that some of the divers are wearing tam-o-shanters over their dive helmets

(D5) tigers (with orange-and-black striped tails) run along the beach into the waves and snatch the tam-o-shanters in their jaws.

(D6) they run a big circle over toward us, stop and wipe tears from their eyes (with tissues) out of regret for stealing the tam-o-shanters

(H2) all of a sudden, it clouds over and a driving, tropical rain soaks the weeping tigers with tams in their teeth and pounds on the roof of the tropical drink station

(HK) the weather radio in the back of the bar starts to blare news at a high volume about the storm and pulse very brightly with green radium glow

(HA) huge black rats scurry out from behind the bar, scared out by the sudden noise of the radio – see the radium glistening on their greasy, rain-soaked fur

(D4) the rats run all the way out to the tarmac in the parking lots near the beach, and the hot tar is steaming from the sudden rain; the rats are jumping on the hot tar

(D8) they run over to piles of hot green and white taffy piled up in one corner of the tarmac and start eating it voraciously

(D10) on top of the piles of taffy are young women painting their toenails – yes, in the driving rain – and dripping the toenail polish on the taffy

(D7) the toenail polish is running down the taffy and flowing around the shafts of enormous thumbtacks embedded in the base of the piles of taffy

(H6) under each thumbtack is a doctor’s prescription for rash medication; it’s going to help with all the sunburns we got

(H9) tied to each prescription is a burlap rope (don’t know where this is going, yet, but just tie them up

(DQ) at the other end of each rope is a titan, a robot, pulling on the rope

That’s it – now close your eyes and run through the movie in your mind, and the cards will play out in order. Try not to go back and peek. If you have to do that, it means that you didn’t form a sufficiently strong association linking one mental picture with the next. Practice will make perfect!

tan, rail, rattan, ram, race, tot (Alice), totem, ratatattat, rear (shooting out the Corvette brake lights) teetotaler, rack, tap, reef, tam, tail, tissue, rain, radium, rat, tar, taffy, toes, tack, rash, rope, titan

D2, H5, HQ, H3, H10, DA, DK, HJ, H4, DJ, H7, D9, H8, D3, D5, D6, H2, HK, HA, D4, D8, D10, D7, H6, H9, DQ

I had to really work hard to recall rattan and rear, which means I didn’t form the connected images strongLY enough first time around. practice practice practice.


~ by rebcabin on December 26, 2010.

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