The 50’s

With the following set of pegs, we’ll be halfway through the second layer of the system and will have the mental tools for memorizing lists of length up to 60. Notice the pegs I choose are straightforward, visualizable, monosyllabic nouns with a preference for those with short vowels near the beginning of the standard list: ‘a, e, i, o, u.’ This makes it easy for me to ‘recalculate’ the peg in case I do forget it: I just start going down the list of vowels in short-long order until I hit the peg I was supposed to remember. For instance, suppose I forget the peg for 51. I remember that its consonants will be LT (or LD or LTh – but they’re close enough in sound that I will be able to ‘hear’ the right one in my mind when I hit it). I then mentally go through the sequence “lat, late, let, leet, lit, lite, lot! – aha, that’s it.” In the “others” column, I tend to put words that are a bit more difficult to recall, such as ‘wallet’ for 51. They’re great for constructing phantasmagoria that will stick, but not always the best choice for a permanent peg. For that, you want something built systematically from English sounds, so they’re easy to recover in case of loss – oh, look: another 51 (‘loss’).

Num Sound Peg Description Others
50 LS lace A room in grandma’s house with lace tablecloths, doilys, napkins, curtains lass
51 LT lot A vacant lot with a real-estate sign, weeds, brick buildings around, garbage lathe
52 LN lane A country lane with shade trees, narrow road, picket fences, lilac and jasmine lawn
53 LM lime Green, tangy lime cut in half, squeeze out the juice, sticky fingers, seeds helium
54 LR lair Bear and her cubs, hole in the side of a mound, you could fit in but you’re afraid lawyer
55 LL lily huge, white lily in a thick, glass vase; slick, long, pointy leaves, dusty stamen lolly
56 LJ lash leather whip, Indiana Jones, sound of the crack, use it to pull something toward you leash
57 LK lake mountain lake at dawn, reflection on the water, fish jumping, chilly, birds chirping elk
58 LF leaf Canadian maple leaf, the Canadian flag, Vancouver skyline elf
59 LP lap cat (or dog) coiled up on your lap, feet up on a bolster, fire in the fireplace elbow

~ by rebcabin on January 10, 2011.

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