How to Memorize SHA-1 Hashes

Here’s a SHA-1 hash


It’s in hex, so we don’t need the full power of memorizing in base-64. We already have picture words for digits 0 through 9 (saw, tea, Noah, me, ray, law, jaw, key, fee, pea), and we can increase our story-building power by looking up surrogates in a number dictionary. We just need picture words for a through f. How about numbers 10 through 15 (toes, tot, tan, tam, tar, tail)?

I’ll do the first 20 digits for you, you do the last 20:

4c2a: RAYs (4) of sunshine are baking a TAN (c=12) on the back of NOAH (2) on the beach, where he is leaning over to paint his TOEnailS (a).

6e04: his JAW (6) is clenched in pain and a TEAR (e=14) falls from his EYES (0) on to a dried-up old OAR (4) lying at his feet on the beach

1454: he picks up the oar and shatters a giant TEAcup (1) in frustration; pieces of it fly in all directions in the AIR (4), some of them sticking in the hide of a beached WHALE (5) that has a giant harpoon ARROW (4) stuck through its head

28d3: NOAH (2) walks over to the whale and pays an admission FEE (8) to a carney barker dressed in a gaudy TAM-o-shanter (d=13); the barker is holding up a mirror and saying “look at ME (3) how good I look in my tam”

5da7: Noah says “ALOHA” (5) to the barker and points to the brightly-colored TAM (d=13) and then to his similarly colored TOEnailS (a=10) and then offers him the mouthpiece of a HOOKAH (7) to share a smoke.







~ by rebcabin on June 22, 2012.

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